Monday, January 14, 2008

Now is the right time to start running

Yesterday, after the pause of 6 months, I've run 5km. This was the first time after my first half marathon.

It was a little bit cold outside but bright sun and dry road felt very good. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately started to think about running Stuttgarter-Zeitung-Lauf half marathon this year again.

My time for 5km was not impressive - 30 minutes 30 seconds. My personal record for this track is 25 minutes. However these numbers do not matter that much. I've really enjoyed running. I've noticed one difference compared to the first trainings last year. This year I can run for 5 minutes before making a 1 minute pause. It was 2 minutes last year.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, now is the right time to start running or at least start thinking about running. Days are getting longer and brighter, nature will start waking up soon (of course it depends on where you live). If you start running now you will enjoy seeing the spring in its all beauty. Last year was the first time in my life I really saw spring. I saw grass and everything else growing and waking up bit by bit. You have to see it.

Another reason to join Stuttgarter-Zeitung-Lauf half marathon this year is a new track. You will enjoy running through the very center of Stuttgart - Schlossplatz.

22nd of June, 2008. See you there.